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GSEP: ONEE will chair the alliance in 2021

ONEE Director General Abderrahim El Hafidi will chair, from 2021, the Board of Directors of the Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership (GSEP). The Office, an observer member of the GSEP since 2018, then unanimously admitted in June 2019 as a member with voting rights on the Board of Directors, will assume the presidency of this organization next year.

The GSEP is indeed an alliance of leading electricity companies in the world, with a common vision and which have given themselves the main mission of promoting sustainable energy development by the generalization of access to electricity. The Office is the only African and Arab to sit alongside the largest electricity companies in the world (EDF-France, ENEL-Italy, AEP-USA, SGCC-China, Kansai Electric Power –Japan, Hydro-Québec- Canada or Rushydro- Russia).

As president of the GSEP, the CEO of ONEE will “promote the exchange of reflections and strategic information having an impact on the deep transformations expected from the electric power sector, in particular, aspects related to decarbonisation, digitalization, decentralization and deregulation”.

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