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Guerraoui: Morocco will become the only producer of phosphates

A few days after starting his duties at the head of the Competition Council from the General Secretariat of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council, Dr. Driss Guerraoui inaugurated a new meeting organized by the Open University of Dakhla.

The meeting on strengthening African capabilities in the field of economic intelligence witnessed the expansion of the African presence in the work of the Forum, which brings together African associations specialized in economic intelligence, including attendance, as well as countries traditionally associated with Morocco, such as Senegal, Mali and Chad.

Senior researchers from countries such as Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa and Uganda … Guerraoui, who oversees the founding forum of the Dakhla Open University, invited the participants to a field visit to the headquarters of the Moroccan Agency for International Cooperation on Friday, on the relations of university and scientific cooperation between Morocco and a large number of African countries. “You will know the agency and how to prepare Moroccan-African cooperation through a public institution. We are an independent non-governmental organization, but we have partnerships with public and private institutions,” he says.

The latter said that the forum includes experts and members of well-known centers of experience. “We have representation for the whole of Africa. We have also increased our ranks with representatives of new countries. This is a source of hope for what we aspire to in the future and to make the Forum of African Economic Intelligence Organizations an area of ​​debate and a useful tool for our continent, given the serious challenges posed by the new economy.”

“One of the continents that has an important mass of natural resources from land, water, forests, livestock and plant wealth and strategic mineral wealth to provide food to the world, Morocco and through Africa, The only country that produces and exports phosphates that are at the heart of fertilizer production, and therefore food.” The spokesman himself concluded that Africa will become one of the most important actors in food security.

“Our continent will be available to all renewable energies, given the geographical position and potential of sustainable growth, but also the greatest social problems associated with demographic growth, as it puts pressure on health and education services and the emergence of new hotbeds of conflict and war in a context where all international forces to control our wealth, and only economic intelligence can raise these challenges and protect our political and economic independence, while contributing to global economic growth.”

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