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Halieutis: 284 exhibitors including 133 foreigners

The international fair Halieutis was attended by 284 exhibitors including 133 foreigners, announced Saturday, the general curator of the Salon Mohamed Bouayad.

“The show is becoming more and more international,” he said in an interview, noting that this edition, which is celebrating its fifth anniversary, has the participation of 284 exhibitors, including 133 foreigners 45% of all exhibitors. Among the 39 participating countries, 22 of them represent the African continent, he said, highlighting the importance of international trade as a real lever for economic and social development.

In terms of stands, “demand is stronger than supply,” he said, explaining that in terms of marketing, forecasts have largely been exceeded.

He recalled that Norway, the guest of honor at this fair, is a highly developed country in terms of fishing techniques and sea technologies, adding that “it is an example to follow in terms of development resources and the preservation of the environment”.

In addition, the fifth edition of the Fair is experiencing the presence of a large number of media to cover the various activities of the event. More than 200 journalists representing the print media, the electronic media, the audio-visual press, press agencies and the accredited press in Morocco participate in this edition.

More than 16 foreign countries were represented by their media during this edition, including Norway, Spain, Russia, France, England, Saudi Arabia, China, the United States, Ivory Coast, Mauritania and Gabon.

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