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Hammouchi equips the police with new uniforms

The General Directorate of National Security, led by Abdellatif Hammouchi, has begun to circulate new uniforms, coats and jackets to uniformed police officers as part of its project to complete the new uniforms and equipment for police officers working in various security specialties, teams and police units.

A security source revealed that the new supplies, equipment and accessories currently being distributed to the police officers included raincoats, blue for the officers, and coats for the elite with light-reflective ribbons, police insignia and the security team of the security officer, The white coats will be carried by traffic police, while the rest of the teams and other units will carry blue coats.

In addition, an integrated outfit was allocated to the elements of the constellation of the riders of the urban body and another to the regular cycling teams. The first is characterized by high security elements, Where these security units.

The source added that the project to improve and complete the new uniforms also included police officers, known as the police-trained police teams, who were assigned distinctive uniforms that met the safety standards required in their mission. The rest of the police were also equipped with police insignia and metal waistcoats for jurors, especially for staff working in the traffic police and the Golan.

The security source confirmed that these new equipment, supplies and accessories are part of a combined vision to complement and improve the new job uniforms and make it compatible with the different positions and tasks carried out by all units and security teams, in addition to enabling the police personnel to equip them with uniforms and equipment to ensure the safety of people’s property.

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