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Hard blow for Gad Elmaleh

It seems that the disappointments of Gad El Maleh, accused of plagiarism, accumulate. After successfully removing videos from the Twitter account of the youtubeur CopyComic showing any plagiarism in question, the Moroccan comedian and his lawyers have just suffered a bitter failure.

The social network has indeed unlocked the montages of the anonymous youtubeur who was quick to react to this reversal of situation. “Twitter has just told Gad El Maleh and his lawyers to go all well cajol,” he jubilant, referring to the response of the comedian to accusations of plagiarism in the skin of his famous character Chouchou.

“After such a snub, any new complaint will be further evidence of his relentlessness,” said the author of CopyComic.

Recall that the YouTube channel CopyComic, which lists cases of plagiarism among French humorists, has broadcast a video against Gad Elmaleh. In this video, the channel compares, extracted with support, passages of the humorist borrowed from American, Quebec and French artists, such as George Carlin, Steven Wright, Dana Carvey, Patrick Huard, Martin Matte, Donal Jack’ sman or Titoff.

Gad and his lawyers decided to file a complaint against the youtubeur and managed to delete the videos from his twitter account for “infringement of neighboring rights”. The actor’s lawyers also requested that the identity of the owner of CopyComic be disclosed.

The owner of the Twitter account, named Ben, wrote a post on his twitter account to denounce what happened. “My anonymity is that of those who prefer to put forward the subject and not the people. I do not have to blush anything. No shame here. No malice either. Besides, my identity would not change the content of the videos,” he replied.

And to add: “Gad Elmaleh uses his copyrights (and neighboring rights) to censor videos that show his potential plagiarism! Gad Elmaleh is therefore very much in the respect of his copyright, less than that of others, “says Ben CopyComic.

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