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Health group ELSAN settles in Settat

French leader Elsan strengthens in The Kingdom. After opening its first hospital in 2018 in Bouskoura, thus opening the door for foreign investment in this sector, it has just sealed a strategic partnership with the shareholders of the clinic Les Oliviers de Settat (60%), operational since 2015. This establishment integrates the Elsan network.

For patients in the Settat region, it is a well-known clinic. Before it opened, they had to go to Casablanca or Marrakesh. This represented long trips, especially for some patients.

The founders of the Les Oliviers Clinic aimed to upgrade the range by providing patients with modern equipment that is economically accessible to patients.

To meet the local demand and seize the momentum initiated at the local level, the founders of the clinic Les Oliviers planned to proceed with an extension. Hence the rapprochement with the Elsan group whose development of the network is part of the initial strategy. It is 60% in the round table of the company Les Oliviers.

The partnership between the two parties leads to the continuation of the extension project, while enriching it with new components. Among these, there is an integrated oncology center through two radiotherapy accelerators and 10 chemotherapy stations.

The project also includes a radiology department with the first MRI in the region, a cardiac catheterization and intensive care cardiology center. This will save lives for cases of absolute urgency.

The other novelty concerns the opening of a neonatal resuscitation center and adults. In total, the capacity of the clinic will increase from 23 beds to 126.

The investment program involves the construction of an extension of the clinic on a plot of over 1,500 m², or 7,500 m² covered, for a budget of MAD 180 million.

“This is the first time such an investment has been made outside the big cities in the field of medicine. It will help relieve Casablanca, which is home to nearly half a million people every day who come for a medical visit or a check,” says Dr. El Maati Er Rachiq, chairman of the board and director of the clinic. The extension works should last 18 months.

The initiators of the project say that it should boost employment in the region and the local economy.

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