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Health Plan 2025: Generalization of medical coverage

Morocco is determined to carry out the project of generalization of the medical coverage, as one of the main axes of the “Health Plan 2025”, ensured, Saturday in Casablanca, the minister of tutelage Anass Doukkali.

The backbone of this plan is the improvement of the quality of governance of the sector, through the rationalization of the allocation of resources and the efficiency of their use, said the minister during the work of the 2nd Congress Arab public health.

The planned measures and initiatives undertaken will promote the national health system, in line with Morocco’s commitments in terms of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030, said Doukkali.

The Minister of Health, on the other hand, stressed the importance of the holding of the Arab Congress, because the debates include the means to facilitate the access of citizens to quality health services and affordable, in line with this year’s World Health Day slogan “Health for All and All” (7 April).

The theme of the Congress, namely the inclusion of health in all public policies, is a major challenge for all health programs and systems in the Arab world, the minister said.

Achieving this goal requires the combined efforts of all actors, in the sense that health is a collective societal project involving the support of all departments, civil society, individuals and families. Doukkali.
The upgrading of health systems in the Arab countries must be based on “family health” and “community health”, as a prelude to qualitative and effective benefits that place the patient at the heart of concerns, he said.

The minister called for an integrated approach giving a role to the Centers of first intervention, by pooling their diagnostic and care capabilities with hospitals, alongside their traditional mission in prevention and awareness.

The success of this approach requires the qualification of hospitals to be able to take care of the cases transferred from these Centers, in a spirit of complementarity at all levels, he added.

The Minister also emphasized the importance of training and scientific research in public health and good governance as two basic conditions for building capacity of the health system in response to cross-border crises and threats, in the light of the spread of communicable and non-communicable diseases.

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