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Heetch arrives in Marrakesh

And three for Heetch! After Casablanca and Rabat, Marrakesh is preparing to welcome its first taxis labeled “Fiddek” in early 2019. Present in Morocco since November 2017, the first legal application of transport to the Kingdom seems well to start to weave its virtuous web across the country’s major agglomerations.

After the conquest of the economic capital in November 2017, then that of the administrative capital in September 2018, here is the turn of the tourist capital of Morocco to succumb to the charms of Heetch. Scheduled for January 19, 2019, the deployment of Heetch at the level of Marrakesh, reputed to be the first tourist destination of the Kingdom, will undoubtedly contribute to the strengthening of the mobility offer for the benefit of both tourists and locals.

With this launch, Heetch takes a new step in its strategy to weave a virtuous web, quickly and surely, through the main cities of the country. As usual, Heetch chose to associate exclusively with professional taxis. To this end, fruitful contacts have been made with the main representative trade union centers in Marrakesh. The short-term goal is to conclude win/win partnerships, with 100 taxi drivers for the launch, and arrive before the summer, to a total of 500 registered drivers.

In addition to the trade unions, other contacts are underway with representatives of the hospitality and leisure sectors to promote the Heetch offer and to reflect mutually on mobility solutions adapted to tourists.

In parallel and taking into account the specificity of Marrakesh, the training of Heech Marrakshis drivers dispensed in partnership with the UMT and the CTS (Cooperative Taxis Service) of Marrakesh, will be reinforced by a complementary curriculum including an introduction to the tourist component of the city, its secular history and its main tourist attractions.

Of course, Heetch drivers in Marrakesh will enjoy the same benefits as their counterparts in Casablanca and Rabat. Concerned about the future of professionals, Heetch has indeed worked since its establishment in Morocco for the generalization of health insurance in favor of its partner taxis. Today, several hundred drivers benefit from health insurance developed with Shell. They also benefit from discounts on internet subscriptions, as well as on tires.

As a tourist capital of the Kingdom and a destination for Heetch’s international customers, Marrakesh has become the logical extension of its strategy to maximize its presence in Morocco, notably by offering an alternative that is as practical as, and complementary to, traditional means of transport. Even before its implantation in the ocher city, the application had registered more than 20,000 connections from Marrakesh.

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