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Henley & Partners: Morocco with 63 visa free destinations

Henley & Partners has just published its 2020 passport ranking and the number of destinations that their holders can access without a prior visa. It shows that Morocco is in 80th place (out of 107), with 63 visa free destinations.

Even if it gains three places compared to 2019 (83rd with 61 destinations), it did not do better than 2017 with a 78th rank. Thus for 2020, the visa free destinations for the Moroccan passport if located mainly in Africa, Asia, the Middle East or even the Americas.

In North Africa, the Tunisian passport remains the most powerful, with a 74th rank and 69 destinations free of prior visa, followed by the Moroccan passport and then the Algerian.

The world ranking is dominated by Japan and Singapore, respectively 1st with 191 visa free destinations and 2nd with 190 destinations.

In the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates come first, in 18th place (171 destinations), followed by Kuwait (57th, 95 destinations) and Qatar (58th, 93 destinations)

As a reminder, the Henley Passport Index is a classification of all passports in the world according to the number of countries that accept them without prior visa. The data used to carry out this classification are, among others, that provided by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

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