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Highways: Between 70% and 90% drop in traffic

The highway network has experienced a drop in traffic ranging from 70% to 90%, since March 25.

The containment measures put in place by the government to fight against the coronavirus have brought down traffic on the highway network in Morocco.

A drop ranging from 70% during the week to 90% during the weekend was recorded during the week of March 25 to 30.

In detail, light vehicles recorded the largest decline. Compared to the same period in 2019, car traffic decreased by around 78% during the week, and by 90% during the weekend.

As for the heavyweights, their number decreased by about 43% during the week and by 64% during the weekend of March 28 and 29.

An 85% drop between Casablanca and Rabat

The Casablanca-Rabat section, where average daily traffic could reach 60,000 vehicles, all types combined, has experienced an 85% decrease since the start of containment.

The decrease in the number of light vehicles on the highway network is explained by the measures put in place by the government, prohibiting any type of traffic between cities, except for the transport of goods of basic products and travel for reasons of health and professional, proven by documents issued by the administration and establishments.

The containment measures are generally respected by the majority of Moroccan citizens.

In addition, agents of the royal gendarmerie have strengthened control over the entire network. All travel must be justified. Otherwise, sanctions are taken against offenders.

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