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Hospital funded by King Mohammed VI inaugurated in Gaza

The establishment should help relieve the rest of the health network in Gaza City, whose saturation during the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic had led to difficult humanitarian situations.

A Moroccan-funded hospital was delivered to Gaza in a whirlwind of superlatives and amid heartfelt thanks to King Mohammed VI, head of the Al-Quds Committee.

The inauguration took place in the presence of several hundred journalists and many guests, mostly from Palestinian political circles. This infrastructure alleviates the medical situation in Gaza where hospitals are often overwhelmed and in need of drugs and equipment.

The hospital, which brings together several specialties, considered the largest in the Gaza Strip, is nothing less than a miracle, in the words of city officials, during the inauguration ceremony of the gleaming collection of buildings that rose from the ground in record time.

King Mohammed VI funded the founding of this facility so that it is fully prepared to provide medical services in complex operations such as heart and others.

The new establishment aims to be at the cutting edge in the treatment of pathologies and serious illnesses.

Younis Al-Khatib, President of the Palestinian Red Crescent, said: “The hospital will operate with a capacity of 102 beds, distributed as follows: 76 overnight beds, 26 daily care beds, and includes 8 operating theaters, and the following recovery beds, and many specialized services, the most important of which are the intensive care unit with a capacity of 10 beds, and the operating theaters of the obstetrics and gynecology service, it also includes 10 incubators for premature babies, the department of surgery and endoscopy, in addition to the presence of a center specializing in cardiac surgery and catheterization, to meet the needs of patients, and it is one of the most important departments of the hospital, and it is equipped with world-class simulation centers.”

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