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HSEVEN promotes innovative start-ups

The start-up accelerator HSEVEN and the popular banking group (BCP) have just concluded a partnership agreement in order to promote innovative start-ups with high potential and contribute to the emergence of new pan-African leaders.

Under the terms of the agreement, the banking group will make available to the companies selected and supported by HSEVEN an appropriate financing mechanism, through equity or bank financing “depending on the level of maturity of the projects”.

The bank’s offer will thus support the first steps of project leaders, in particular in their intangible investments (studies, prototypes, tests, etc.), in order to prepare them for sustained development in Africa and abroad. “This is a financing offer which responds to the opposites of project leaders with” advantageous “conditions in terms of deferral, pricing and guarantees …”, underlines BCP. The aim is to allow start-ups to “start their entrepreneurial activities in good conditions”, explains Soumia Alami Ouali, Director of the Corporate Bank at BCP.

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