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Human Trafficking: 500 Indonesians sent to Morocco

Indonesian police on Tuesday (April 9th) revealed the discovery of four human smuggling rings that sent 1,200 Indonesians to Syria, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Morocco. No less than 500 Indonesian women have been sent to Morocco to work as domestic servants. But once in the country, some were unpaid and others were sexually exploited.

“These Indonesian migrant workers realized that they had been fooled after being forced to suffer many abuses, including acts of violence, rapes and unpaid wages. They fled and reported their cases to the embassies or Indonesian consulate offices,” said the director of criminal affairs, General Herry Rudolf Nahak, quoted by the Antara news agency.

According to the Indonesian daily The Jakarta Post, Herry Rudolf Nahak also said that two suspects named Mutiara and Farhan had been arrested for alleged trafficking of people from West Nusa Tenggara and Jakarta in Morocco. The two men reportedly sent their victims from Sumbawa, in western Nusa Tenggara, to Jakarta, before sending them to Malaysia. From there, the victims were sent to Morocco.

In addition, 220 Indonesian people have been sent to Turkey, 300 to Syria and 200 to Saudi Arabia between 2018 and this year. The Indonesian police also arrested seven people involved in the case. According to Herry Rudolf Nahak, it would be “the biggest case of human trafficking in Indonesia ever revealed”. These Indonesians have since been sent back to their native country.

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