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IDEO Factory launches Immersive Learning in Morocco

IDEO Factory, the Moroccan specialist and e-learning leader in the Maghreb, launches Immersive Learning. It opens the way to new educational formats for Moroccan companies.

“Fun, engaging and motivating, Immersive Learning is a training technique that involves immersing the learner, the professional or the new recruit in a virtual environment that is as close as possible to their professional life and their responsibilities over the days”.

By creating or restoring the user’s work and intervention décor through 3D and 360°, Immersive Learning offers an innovative and stimulating interactive simulation in a virtual space to immerse oneself in the subject of training. The learner can then test solutions to infinity, prepare for the unpredictable, in this virtual world where mistakes cost nothing.

The technique offers a complementary solution to test its skills in real situations, with immediate feedback to correct its mistakes.

Used in its early days in the fields of railways, aviation or the management of nuclear power plants, Immersive Learning has since adapted to all other areas of activity.

He is well known for his application in the field of hygiene, safety, environment (HSE), for the control of the aspects related to the occupational risks within the company, but intervenes more and more in the formation with the interviews, pre-sales, commercial negotiation, banking, industry, distribution, human resources, finance, etc.

“We believe that these new training modalities are here to stay because they offer an unparalleled level of interactivity that really allows the learner to learn by doing. These are advantages that are particularly important in areas such as security and HSE in general,” says Oussama Esmili, founder of IDEO Factory.

As part of this launch in Morocco, IDEO Factory has entered into a partnership with Immersive Factory, a European specialist in virtual reality training.

In addition to having an off-the-shelf catalog of ready-to-use modules in the field of HSE, the latter also offers tailor-made modules designed and developed to be adapted to the working environments of the company and each client.

This is the case with Lydec for which was developed in 2018, a virtual reality module on electrical logging.

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