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IEA: Government helpless against oil tanker lobby

Despite the incentives put in place to encourage distributors and producers of petroleum products, the Moroccan government seems helpless in the face of lobbies’ refusal to comply with the legal framework of the sector.

According to the international energy agency, the incentives introduced by the government in terms of equipment and tax have failed to persuade fuel professionals to meet their commitments to guarantee the safety of their equipment and reserve stock, thus exposing the country to the risks associated with the fluctuation of the external market.

The agency criticizes, particularly in Morocco, its inability to control its oil reserves, which makes it vulnerable to the risk of depreciation of stock levels, which remain below the authorized thresholds, and also to its dependence on the international market, especially that the country imports more than 90% of its petroleum products needs.

The agency also points out the negative impact of the closure of La Samir refineries, and encourages the government to think about better ensuring its energy security, especially since the storage facilities have never been exploited and distributors do not no effort to meet their commitments.

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