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IMF welcomes Morocco’s efforts for social welfare

The head of the mission of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), responsible for Morocco, Roberto Cardarelli, praised the Kingdom’s efforts to generalize social welfare to all Moroccans.

“Staff commends the authorities for their determined efforts to expand social assistance this year,” Cardarelli said at a press conference to present the conclusions of his consultations with Moroccan authorities, under Article IV of the IMF, noting that extending medical insurance to all Moroccans would help increase access to better quality services.

While stressing that a comprehensive reform of the social welfare system has become more urgent in the wake of the pandemic, the IMF representative said that the harmonization of all existing social assistance programs under a registry social unified system would improve the efficiency and targeting of the system.

Referring to the reform of public establishments and enterprises, Mr. Cardarelli noted that this reform should create conditions conducive to a more efficient public sector and stimulate private sector development.

He welcomed the recent progress made in establishing the legal framework for the digitization of public administration and the simplification of its procedures, as well as recent measures aimed at implementing the reform of education, in particular of the vocational training system, improve governance and fight corruption.

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