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Imlil murders: New elements unveiled

The Swiss suspected of involvement in the murder of the two Scandinavian tourists in the municipality of Imlil would have links with terrorist cells in Spain. According to Spanish sources, one of the investigators said that the Swiss-Spanish national was training to commit crimes against certain people of European nationality.

They pointed out, in parallel, that the Swiss suspect would have a turbulent past. He was a heavy consumer of hard drugs, burned cars and suffered from mental disorders before becoming radicalized.

Born in Geneva, he lost his father at the age of 15 and struggled to overcome this ordeal, especially since he was in the middle of a teenage crisis. He was taken in charge by a youth center where he discovered the Quran, converted to Islam and regularly attended a mosque financed by Saudi funds.

According to the Swiss police, between 2007 and 2013 the suspect committed several crimes of violence, robbery, drug trafficking, theft, vandalism and destruction of public property. He left his country after being radicalized thanks to one of his compatriots of Moroccan origin who had joined the ranks of ISIS in Syria.

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