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Immigration: Brazil withdraws from the pact of Marrakesh

A senior Brazilian diplomat said his country had withdrawn from the UN’s immigration pact, joining the United States and a number of other countries that rejected the deal.

Brazilian Foreign Minister Ernesto Araujo said last month before taking office that he intended to withdraw from the agreement.

The diplomat confirmed that Brazil had already withdrawn from the agreement. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs declined to comment.

Araujo said last month that the agreement was “an inadequate tool” to address the problem and that each country should develop its own policies.

With a total of 21.3 million refugees worldwide, the United Nations began working on a non-binding agreement after the arrival of more than one million people in Europe in 2015, many fleeing the civil war in Syria and poverty in Africa.

The covenant addresses issues such as refugee protection, integration and repatriation. He has been criticized by European politicians, mainly from the right, who have said that this could lead to increased immigration.

The 193 UN member states, with the exception of the United States, agreed to draft it in July, but only 164 have officially ratified it, including Brazil.

Araujo noted that Brazil would continue to receive refugees from neighboring Venezuela, but its main goal is to restore democracy in that country.

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