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Implementation of the electronic tagging system in Morocco

Morocco is about to approve the application of the electronic bracelet as an alternative to pre-trial detention. This is one of the new criminal procedure amendments that will be approved.

Morocco wants to translate into action its desire to limit the sharp increase in the number of people in pretrial detention. One of the provisions of the draft law on the Code of Criminal Procedure is “the placing under judicial control which will be carried out by means of an electronic armband placed on the wrist, the leg or another part of the body of the person concerned, in such a way as to make it possible to control his movements within the territorial limits determined by the examining magistrate”.

This new procedure implies that a minor can be placed under an electronic bracelet, subject to the consent of his guardian, his guarantor or the person who supports him. At the request of the person concerned, the investigating judge may decide to submit the person to a medical examination to verify the effect of the electronic bracelet on their health. It will be up to the judicial police officers to affix this restriction to the body of the defendant and to follow him, just as they can request the assistance of specialists in this operation. The technical specifications of this restriction will be the subject of a regulatory text which will be promulgated at a later date.

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