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In Casa and Tangier, the war is declared against the hooves

The boycott is back. This time, the Moroccan netizens declare war on the hooves.

After being mobilized against several brands, Moroccans are now focused on a new target. This is the installation of hooves intended to immobilize cars.

Several Facebook pages have been created recently calling for an end to this illegal practice. It all began in Tangier where people launched a page called “boycott sabot Tangier”. The movement quickly reached the netizens of Casablanca, who in turn, have created a page that bears the same name: “boycott sabot Casablanca”.

“The laying of the hoof is illegal. This annoys citizens and the authorities must put an end to these practices. We will continue in this direction until the idea spreads and reaches several cities,” said one of the members of these pages on condition of anonymity.

It should be noted that the Court of Accounts had recognized last August that the laying of the hoof and the application of a fine to remove it were “illegal” practices.

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