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Inauguration of a Moroccan consulate in Naples

The Consulate General of Morocco in Naples (southern Italy) was inaugurated Friday, as part of efforts to promote the benefits offered to members of the Moroccan community and consolidate diplomatic and economic relations between the two countries.

In addition to the usual consular services relating to the production and delivery of documents and various administrative acts, such as the consular registration, the national identity card or the passport, the consulate will strive to organize various activities, said the Consul General of the Kingdom in Naples, Rachid Daidai.

In a statement, he noted that these benefits and facilities fall within the framework of the implementation of the High Royal Instructions insisting on the approximation of the administration of the members of the Moroccan community and the improvement of services, which are offered to them.

He also highlighted the value of inaugurating the consulate for the strengthening of bilateral relations and cooperation between the two countries in promising sectors such as the economy and agriculture. And to emphasize the commitment of the consulate to work for the strengthening of economic cooperation between Morocco and southern Italy.

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