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Inclusive Internet Index 2019: Morocco ranks 3rd in Africa

Morocco is ranked third in Africa and second in North Africa by the 2019 Inclusive Internet Index. The survey is issued by Facebook and conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit to create a comprehensive Inclusive Internet Index that assesses a country’s internet inclusion across four categories: availability, affordability, relevance and readiness.

In the overall ranking, the Kingdom is positioned 62nd out of 100 countries. In North Africa, Morocco is on top of Egypt 69th, and Algeria 73rd and behind Tunisia, ranked 60th by the index.

In the Arab world, Qatar (37th) headed the region leaving Kuwait (38th), Saudi Arabia (39th), UAE (43rd), Oman (49th) and Jordan (52nd) behind. Based on four categories the report assesses the availability, affordability relevance and readiness of internet in all of the countries studied. In Africa, Morocco is ranked 3rd out of 31 African nations.

Internet availability

In Morocco, for example, availability is the strongest factor that characterizes connectivity in the country. The kingdom ranks 47th in this category, 66th in affordability, 72nd in relevance and 65th when it comes to readiness.

Morocco’s score is “buttressed by first-place Availability in the region”, said the authors of the report. “Solid infrastructure is the key driver of the Availability category, largely offsetting a low rating for service quality”, they added, explaining that “relevance is weak due to a dearth of relevant content”.

Globally, the survey was topped by Sweden 1st, Singapore 2nd, USA 3rd, Denmark 4th and United Kingdom 5th. On the other hand, Liberia (96), Sierra Leone (97th), Malawi (98th), Niger (99th) and Congo (100th) are at the bottom of the ranking.

According to Facebook, in 2019, “the Index was expanded to include 100 countries, representing 94% of the world’s population and 96% of global GDP”.

It explains that “the 3i study is again accompanied by a Value of the Internet Survey, which polled 5,069 respondents from 99 countries to gauge perceptions on how internet use impacts people’s livelihood”.

Just like the previous edition, the 2019 Inclusive Internet Index concluded that there is a “cause for optimism but that we were still far from achieving full internet inclusivity, this year’s 3i study shows mixed progress”.

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