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Increased imports of tomatoes from Morocco to the EU

Imports of Moroccan tomatoes to the EU increased by 26%, while exports from the Netherlands and Spain to the rest of the EU countries fell by 5% and 20% respectively over the five last years.

European imports of Moroccan tomatoes increased by 26% during the period, from 344,094 tonnes to 435,041 tonnes, according to Eurostat data. At the same time, exports of tomatoes from the Netherlands to the EU were 844,022 tonnes in 2016, compared to 803,278 tonnes in 2020, a decrease of 5%. Spanish tomatoes also fell 20%, from 763,844 tonnes to 613,053 tonnes.

Confirmed by the Spanish Federation of Fruit and Vegetable Producers and Exporters Associations (FEPEX), these data show a drop in sales of Spanish tomatoes in the EU, due to Morocco “flooding” the European market with its products. This Moroccan competition also affects other producing countries such as Belgium (195,718 tons in 2020), France (193,536 tons) and Turkey (125,622 tons), specifies the same source, stressing the urgent need to highlight establishes a commercial policy which favors the community offer.

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