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Inwi launches “Digital Act by inwi”

The first Symposium on Mobile Money and Financial Inclusion was held this Thursday, October 3, 2019 in Casablanca

“Mobile Money: a lever to catalyze financial inclusion”. This was the theme of the first conference of the “Digital Act by inwi” conference cycle organized this Thursday, October 3 by inwi and the Digital Development Agency (ADD), with the scientific contribution of the Think Tank “Digital Act”.

This first conference, held in Casablanca, was split into two parts. It saw the participation of a rich panel of Moroccan and international speakers who have in turn debated the issue, while bringing out practical proposals and concrete solutions to the challenges related to mobile money in Morocco.

“In line with the National Financial Inclusion Strategy, which aims for equal access to financial services, dematerialized transactional services are experiencing a major change in Morocco today: the arrival of new players in a context of evolution of the legal and regulatory framework. The aim of the “Digital Act by inwi” conference is precisely to be a forum for collective and participative reflection with the aim of promoting financial inclusion,” said Ghassane El Machrafi, Chairman of inwi money.

Through its two plenary sessions, the conference identified the various success factors in the context of Morocco that can catalyze the financial inclusion of populations.

The first plenary thus set out to give voice to institutional actors and private stakeholders, while outlining the synergies that should be deployed, as well as the possible areas of cooperation for greater effectiveness of this innovative means of payment.

The second plenary was devoted to the various operational levers needed to be developed to better support the mobile payment sector and the efficiency of its ecosystem.

“It is more important than ever today to start thinking about a new economic model that is able to reduce the disparities between Moroccans. As such, financial inclusion through digital is an exemplary solution,” said Saloua Karkri Belkeziz, President of APEBI

For its part, Zakaria El Mouhjahid, Director of Digital Transformation of the Digital Development Agency (ADD) recalled that “The digital revolution today affects all sectors: public administrations, dematerialization of the approaches between the administration and the citizens … The economic digital transformation has even become a lever to improve the competitiveness of companies. It is able to stimulate, in depth, the financial inclusion of which the operational pilot remains, however, the central bank”.

As a reminder, in Morocco, Inwi was the first telecommunications operator to launch a Mobile Money service. Called “inwi money”, this service allows users to access, with a simple click, a whole range of financial services. They can transfer money, recharge their phone line, pay their bills or make purchases from partner merchants.

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