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INWI: Ready for 5G

“The 5G is now a reality at inwi,” said Fadoua Laaroussi, the Planning and Performance Director of inwi, quoted in a press release from the operator this Sunday, March 24, 2019. And  to add: “A reality that we have anticipated and prepared through the modernization of our infrastructures and the continued growth of our network architecture”.

“Inwi is our strategic partner in the North Africa region. We are pleased to announce that inwi is the first operator in our region, which has signed a partnership agreement with Huawei for the implementation of a series of pre-commercial 5G pilots in the coming weeks,” says Eric Liu, cited in the same statement. And the Huawei Vice President Solutions and North Africa Marketing explained that these drivers benefit from the latest 5G OTC technology, including the radio part, transmission, core, terminals and use cases. “This is a new era of mobility for Morocco and North Africa,” he concludes.

Customer Unit Head Ericsson, Nora Wahbi, points out that this Swedish manufacturer will continue to provide inwi with state-of-the-art 5G solutions just like what is happening internationally.

As a reminder, after launching its new data center in Rabat Technopolis last January, the largest ever built in Morocco, inwi announces that it is already ready for the deployment of 5G. To do this, the operator says he has modernized its core network with virtualized platforms 5G latest generation.

“The same modernization effort is being made at the level of the radio network (relay antennas among others)”, explains the operator in its press release, underlining that the new equipment installed on its radio sites are now compatible with 5G, thus enabling rapid deployment and expanded this revolutionary technology.

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