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Ireland leads Morocco’s investor countries

Ireland ranks number 1 in foreign direct investment (FDI) in Morocco in 2018, according to preliminary figures from the Exchange Office which also reveal the rest of the ranking.

The first country of origin of foreign direct investment (FDI) to Morocco in 2018 is Ireland, according to provisional figures formulated by the Exchange Office. On its own, this state captures 30% of the flows of the year 2018, reports Today Morocco in its edition of this May 16th. Thus, out of a total of 34.16 billion dirhams, this country realizes flows of 9.68 billion dirhams.

On the podium also, France ranks second (net flow of about 3.77 billion dirhams), and Denmark third (3.89 billion dirhams). The United Arab Emirates (2.79 billion dirhams) and the United States (2.19 billion dirhams) are in fourth and fifth place respectively. Little surprise: Japan. Its FDI peaked in 2018. Indeed, their flow amounted to 1.58 billion dirham against 5 million dirhams a year earlier.

Regarding the evolution of foreign direct investment in Morocco by revenue, we find here also Ireland (9.69 billion dirhams, +6 billion dirhams in one year), followed by France (8.12 billion dirhams in 2018 against 7.73 billion dirhams in 2017) and the United Arab Emirates (3.9 billion dirhams, +300 million dirhams in one year).

Another lesson is the great popularity of foreign investors for financial and insurance activities (9.66 billion dirhams at the end of 2018), real estate activities (5.35 billion dirhams) and manufacturing industries (4.88 billion dirhams), as noted, stating that these three sectors capture more than half of the flow made by the end of 2018.

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