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IRESEN invests MAD 30 million for R&D

They are 20 collaborative projects supported by Moroccan and foreign universities and companies, in the field of renewable energies, energy efficiency and green technologies. These 20 projects will be financed with MAD 30 million by the Research Institute of Solar Energy and New Energies (IRESEN) within the framework of the annual calls for projects “Green Inno-PROJECT” and “Green Inno-BOOST”.

They involve 45 Moroccan universities and companies and 10 research institutions and foreign companies. In concrete terms, these projects should develop innovative products, processes and services with high market potential in the national and continental markets, in the field of renewable energies and their integration into the electricity grid. Thus, 16 were retained in applied research for the “Green Inno-PROJECT”.

Objective: to develop new products, services and/or market-oriented processes. Among them, the project of sustainable eco-construction based on the recovery of fibrous waste for the manufacture of bricks led by the National Center for Studies and Research on Water and Energy of Cadi Ayyad University, the faculty of Semlalia, the FST and Green Energy Park.

Three industrial partners support it. These are the Mexican Briqueterie, Cannabric of Spain and the Menara Group. Or the project of Maisonnette for Microgrid 48V in direct current led by Ensias University Mohammed V and supported by the industrialist Faar Industry.

Another research concerns the design and construction of an intelligent agro-photovoltaic experimental station for a climate change resilient agriculture. It is led by CNESTEN (National Energy Center for Nuclear Energy Science and Technology), the FST Mohammedia (Hassan II Casablanca University), and supported industrially by AraMobile, Les Domaines Agricoles.

Four other innovation projects have been selected for funding under “Green Inno-BOOST” and aim to support project leaders in the incubation and acceleration phase in the field of renewable energies.

Storage of excess electrical energy produced by residential solar photovoltaic installations, intelligent energy production solution for industry and mine, Assembly unit of high-performance LED solar lighting solutions and solar fridge mobile are the 4 designated projects.

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