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Irish delegation in the Kingdom for opening the Embassy

An Irish delegation on Tuesday dissolved the Moroccan capital, Rabat, headed by Speaker of the House of Representatives Sean O’Fearghail. The delegation met with the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Habib ElMalki, to discuss the relations between the two countries and to review the chances of strengthening political and economic relations.

After receiving him from ElMalki, Sean O’Fearghail said at a press conference at the parliament that he had agreed with his Moroccan counterpart to work together and do everything possible to promote trade and establish an Irish-Moroccan friendship committee to push forward relations.

“Morocco is a big country with 34 million people compared to Ireland, a small country of 5 million people, and today there are great potentials that will be beneficial to both countries in the areas of trade, economy, tourism and cooperation,” O’Fearghail said.

During talks between the two sides, Irish official Sean O’Fearghail said his country supports the United Nations track on the Moroccan Sahara file.

The visit comes after the government of the Republic of Ireland decided to open an embassy in Morocco in the framework of strengthening its diplomatic representation across the world following the decision of neighboring Britain to leave the European Union and the impact on Ireland as a country within the Union.

“We are committed to respecting Brexit, but we are looking for new partners to expand our diplomatic presence. In our search for exemplary partners, we found that Morocco has all the qualifications to play this role,” said Sean O’Fearghail.

He added that the decision to open an embassy to his country in Rabat was “in accordance with the struggle of the Embassy of Morocco in the capital Dublin, which contributed to reach the decision to open an Irish diplomatic representation in Morocco, along with two consular representations currently.”

In the area of ​​trade, the Irish parliament speaker pointed out that the balance of trade is currently likely to benefit his country, but he said that this could be overcome by Morocco by focusing on expanding trade exchange and exploring its tourism qualifications.

“The visit of the Speaker of the Irish House of Representatives to our country is a remarkable event for parliamentary diplomacy,” said Habib ElMalki, Speaker of the House of Representatives. The meeting discussed a number of topics ranging from economy, environment, cooperation and migration.

“There is an aspiration to make Morocco a gateway to South-South cooperation, especially as Morocco has laid a new strategic foundation for all that is related to the development of the African continent,” he said.

ElMalki revealed that the Irish parliament speaker told him that the government of his country decided to open an embassy in Rabat during the current year or next year at the latest, which would strengthen the political relations, trade and economic more between the two countries.

“The Irish-Moroccan trade relations are very weak, accounting for less than 3 per cent of the country’s foreign trade relations,” he said. “Ireland, with 5 million people, attracts 11 million tourists a year, although the country has known a long rainy season contrary to what is in Morocco.”

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