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IsDB President Visits Jorf Lasfar Complex

The president of the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB), Bandar Hajjar affirmed, Saturday in El-Jadida, that the Jorf Lasfar industrial complex has to its credit important achievements to strengthen the socio-economic development of Morocco.

In a statement to the press, on the sidelines of a visit to the industrial complex Jorf Lasfar, Hajjar pointed out that important achievements have emerged in the context of projects related to this complex, translated in particular by the increase in volume exports of phosphates and its derivatives and job creation for young people.

Mr. Hajjar also stressed that the IsDB’s major objective is to contribute to strengthening the economic development of the member states, including Morocco, which is a founding member of the Bank, describing the institution’s relationship with the Kingdom as strong.

On this occasion, explanations were provided to Mr. Hajjar on the various activities of the complex, particularly the projects financed by the IsDB, including the extension and redevelopment of OCP wharves at Jorf Lasfar port, whose objective is to increase the import and export capacity of these wharves to 36 million tonnes per year.

Mr. Hajja was also briefed on the extension and redevelopment of the coal wharfs, whose work was completed in October 2018 and which aims to increase the capacity by 4.5 million tonnes at 6.5 million tonnes per year and the reduction of import costs by allowing berthing of large-tonnage ships (100,000 tonnes instead of 60,000 currently).

It was also informed of the progress of the project to build a coal storage depot, which will be finalized in January 2020 and which will meet the needs of the power plants of the National Electricity Board and the drinking water (ONEE).

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