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ISESCO: Rabat inscribed on the list of Islamic heritage

The capital of the Kingdom of Morocco, Rabat, was listed on Tuesday in the list of the heritage of the Islamic world during the 11th congress of ministers of culture which is held in Tunis on the initiative of the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO).

A press release from the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports indicates that this decision was taken on the basis of a proposal presented by Mr. El Hassan Abyaba, Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, spokesperson of the government, during the work of this Congress, in the presence of the ambassador of Morocco in Tunis, Hassan Tariq. It is a recognition of the historic and civilizational place that Rabat enjoys under the leadership of King Mohammed VI, as a human heritage and a space of coexistence, unity and living together, notes the press release, adding that the capital of the Kingdom also embodies the “modern renaissance” through the cultural and development projects included in the program “Rabat, city of lights and cultural capital of Morocco”, and this in perfect harmony with the cultural and civilizational specificities that make ‘one of the African and Islamic and world capitals.

The inscription of the city of Rabat on the list of Islamic heritage is able to give a strong impetus to the efforts that Morocco deploys with a view to safeguarding and enhancing the national tangible and intangible cultural heritage, especially since this consecration was unanimously accepted by countries which represent a major cultural and civilizational force in the world.

The Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization has 57 Muslim-majority states with more than two billion people.

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