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Israeli Minister of Economy soon in Morocco

Israeli Minister of Economy Orna Barbivai will travel to Morocco in the next few days for a working visit. She will be at the head of a large delegation of businessmen and industrialists.

This visit aims to strengthen Israeli economic partnerships with Morocco and encourage investments in the most promising areas. According to the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce, Israel’s exports to Morocco generated $ 13.2 million in the first half of 2021, up from $ 8.1 million a year earlier. In 2020, imports of goods – except services – of Morocco reached 10.2 million dollars against 9.8 million the previous year.

Israel’s export potential to Morocco could reach $ 250 million per year, the report from the Ministry of Regional Cooperation and the Israel Export Institute said. The same report specifies that the areas of these exports are agriculture, water technology, digitalization and smart industries, cybernetics, health and security.

The Israeli tourist market is of paramount importance for the destination Morocco. In all, 50,000 Israeli tourists visited Morocco each year. “The inauguration of direct flights between the two countries and the easing of visa issuance will lead to a sharp increase in this number,” is convinced Steve O’hana, businessman and president of the Morocco-Israel Business Council.

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