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Japan mobilizes resources through UNICEF to support Morocco

The government of Japan has just mobilized 573,804 US dollars (nearly 5.64 million Dirhams) through its cooperation with UNICEF in Morocco to contribute to the response of the Moroccan government to the COVID-19 pandemic, through the funding of targeted interventions aimed at preventing the transmission of COVID-19 and mitigating the impact of the epidemic. These interventions will be ensured by risk communication and community engagement, the acquisition of essential supplies, the training of partners as well as the preparation of the students’ return to school.

This new partnership, announced by the Japanese Embassy in Morocco and the UNICEF office in the Kingdom, involves funding of 573,804 US dollars and will make it possible to carry out a series of interventions to reduce the risks of transmission of the disease through various actions, the first of which concerns the implementation of risk communication and community engagement. This communication will cover at least 10 million people including children and women, targeting the most vulnerable populations. The second component of this funding relates to the supply of medical, prevention and hygiene equipment which will benefit 30,000 vulnerable people. This in addition to personal protective equipment for the benefit of health professionals who will also benefit from training in infection prevention and control, a scientific approach and a practical solution designed to prevent damage caused by infection to patients and professionals. The capacity building component will also be enriched by training partners and staff in the prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse.

Finally, and anticipating the return to school of students at the next school year, this funding will allow at the level of the regions covered by the cooperation program between the Department of National Education and UNICEF to set up dedicated protocols, in 42 schools, to provide safe schools equipped for the prevention of COVID-19 infection.

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