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“Jardin Majorelle”: Morocco’s most visited cultural site

With 800,000 visitors a year, it’s no surprise Majorelle Garden attracts the most visitors to Morocco! Thanks to its shady alleys, bright colors and many species of plants and cacti, “Jardin Majorelle” is always talking about it and its line is never empty.

Every year thousands of tourists come to (re) discover the charms of Morocco: its landscapes between ocean, mountain and desert, medinas, souks but also its cultural sites. At the top, the city of Marrakesh, which with 3.93 Million visitors in 2017, is even the second most popular city in Africa. No wonder then that the first cultural site of the Kingdom is in the ocher city.

Every day of the year, winter and summer, morning and afternoon, weekdays and weekends, you have to wait patiently to return to “Jardin Majorelle”. But what attracts tourists? Surely the history of the place and its soothing spirit.

Founded by the French painter Jacques Majorelle, the place was opened to the public in 1947, before falling into oblivion. In 1966, Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé bought the place and decided not only to live there but to give it a second life by restoring it and sublimating it. Today, the Garden has regained all its beauty with plants from five continents, a typical Franco-Moroccan architecture with bright colors, including the famous Majorelle blue, ponds and soothing fountains, and as a bonus, an art museum Berber to discover this unique culture.

There is no doubt that the garden should continue to attract many tourists over the years, especially since a little over a year ago, opened next door, the Yves Saint Laurent Museum, seductive too, the crowds . A double cultural outing that has not finished talking about it!

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