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King Mohammed VI delivers a speech in four languages

On the occasion of Pope Francis’ official visit to Morocco, King Mohammed VI delivered a speech in Arabic, English, French and Spanish on the esplanade of the Hassan Mosque.

The three Abrahamic religions exist to “open up to each other and to know each other” in order to fight against radicalism through co-knowledge, which will make it possible to meet the challenges of the present through education, underlined the Sovereign, emphasizing the importance of education, the only way to deal with radicalism, which is based on “the non-knowledge of the other, ignorance of the other, ignorance anyway”.

“To face radicalism, the answer is neither military nor budgetary; it has only one name: Education “, insisted the king who indicated, in this respect, that” the dialogue between the Abrahamic religions is manifestly insufficient in the reality of today”.

“My advocacy for education is an indictment of ignorance: it is the binary conceptions and ignorance that threaten our civilizations and Never religion,” said the Sovereign.

The King, as Commander of the Faithful, has pleaded for the return to religion of his place in education, adding that “what all terrorists have in common is not religion. it is precisely the ignorance of religion”.

After emphasizing that religion is Light, Knowledge, Wisdom and Peace, the Sovereign noted that “it is time that religion is no longer an alibi for these ignorant, for this ignorance, for this intolerance”.

Thus, noted the Sovereign, His Holiness’s visit to Morocco comes in a context of challenges for the Community of Nations, the community of all Believers, calling to fight “evils of another age that feed on betrayal and the instrumentalization of the Divine Message by advocating the denial of the Other and other rogue theories”.

In this world in search of landmarks, the Kingdom of Morocco never ceased to proclaim, to teach and to live on a daily basis the Brotherhood of the Sons of Abraham – the founding pillar of the very rich diversity of Moroccan civilization, made observe Amir Al Mouminine, adding that the union of all Moroccans, beyond confessions, is an “eloquent example”.

This symbiosis, which is the reality of the Kingdom, is materialized by mosques, churches and synagogues that have always been in the cities of the Kingdom, the Sovereign continued.

“We, King of Morocco, Amir Al Mouminine, We are Guarantor of the free exercise of cults. We are the Commander of all believers,” said the king.

In addition, added the Sovereign: “As Commander of the Believers, I can not speak of the Land of Islam, as if there lived only Muslims. I watch, indeed, the free exercise of the religions of the Book and I guarantee it. I protect Moroccan Jews and Christians from other countries living in Morocco.”

In this wake, the Sovereign recalled the creation of the Mohammed VI Foundation of Ulemas and the Mohammed VI Institute for the Training of Imams, Mourchidines and Mourchidates, which welcomes young people from several African and European countries.

“Because God is love, We have tried to make Our reign a testimony of proximity, at the bedside of the poorest and most vulnerable,” said the king, recalling, in this regard, the launching of 14 years ago the National Initiative for Human Development (INDH) to improve the lives of people in situations of precariousness or fragility, to integrate the excluded, to provide a roof over the homeless and to give all these disinherited, faith in a worthy future.

It is in this spirit that also fits the philosophy of immigration and asylum policy put in place by Morocco, which is intended, above all, a “solidarity” policy, said the Sovereign.

The king also stressed that his meeting with His Holiness Pope Francis in Morocco consecrates a “shared conviction: the values ​​of the monotheistic religion contribute to rationalization, reconciliation, improvement of the world order”.

In this context, as Commander of the believers, the king affirms to stand up, like the Pope, against “indifference, in all its forms, and salutes the courage of the Leaders who do not shirk the big questions of our time”.

The Sovereign also says to follow with “interest and consideration” the efforts made by His Holiness in the service of world peace, as well as his continuous calls for education, dialogue, the cessation of violence and the fight against poverty, corruption, climate change, the ills that plague societies.

“Our messages are as current as they are eternal. They invite people to embrace the values ​​of moderation, to realize the imperatives of co-knowledge and to apprehend the consciousness of otherness,” said the Sovereign.

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