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King Mohammed VI renews Morocco’s commitment to the Sahel-Saharan States

“I renew the commitment of the Kingdom of Morocco to give a new impetus to CEN-SAD, as Regional Economic Community of the African Union, and I am in favor of strengthening its action for peace, peace and security, stability and development of the Sahel-Saharan space,” said the Sovereign in a message addressed to the extraordinary session of the Conference of Heads of State and Government of the Community of Sahel-Saharan States, which is held this Saturday (April 13) in N’Djamena.

Morocco has always worked for the construction of the Sahel-Saharan space, maintaining with all member countries fraternal relations based on cooperation, solidarity, respect for their sovereignty and territorial integrity, emphasized the Sovereign, ensuring that the Kingdom’s commitment to South-South cooperation aims to lay the groundwork for integration, investment-friendly, trade-oriented and co-development.

To this end, continued King Mohammed VI, Morocco has actively worked to establish a network of actors, associating both the private sector and civil society, noting that this policy has translated concretely through the creation of three commissions dedicated respectively to the Sahel region, the Congo Basin region and island States, as well as the “triple A” initiative for the adaptation of African agriculture.

On the basis of its fundamental principles and deep convictions, added the Sovereign, Morocco remains willing to share, with African States members of CEN-SAD, its experience in the fight against terrorism and violent extremism, which is based on the triptych defined by the security, the religious and the fight against precariousness and poverty.

For King Mohammed VI, “this battle can only be won by the sincere and responsible cooperation of all concerned”.
“To do this, we must make available to our Organization means to match the ambitions and missions we assign to it. It is imperative that we all endow CEN-SAD with national contributions to the budget,” insisted King Mohammed VI, stressing the importance of good governance.

The Sovereign noted that the greatest common challenge remains to provide countries and people with an area of ​​security, stability, prosperity and development.

King Mohammed VI emphasized that the Community of Sahel-Saharan States is “an important source of wealth and development. With a GDP exceeding $ 1 trillion and a population of some 600 million, the Sahel-Saharan region has substantial natural resources, potential for complementarities and economies of scale, and a major source of growth”.

The Sovereign also emphasized the need to strengthen the efficiency and effectiveness of the executive bodies of CEN-SAD, the establishment of the various institutional structures provided for in the revised CEN-SAD Treaty, the elaboration of a strategy dedicated to human development in the Sahel-Saharan space and programs aimed at the integration of young people, the effective implementation of the strategy of fight against terrorism and violent extremism, the operationalization of the CEN-SAD Security and Development Strategy (2015-2050), as well as the development of a common border security policy and the adoption of an operational action plan.

These measures, stressed the Sovereign, will “strengthen the role of our community as a privileged interlocutor for the resolution of crises in our area, as part of a complementary approach with the other Regional Economic Communities, the African Union, the UN, the European Union and other stakeholders”.

In this regard, King Mohammed VI pointed out that CEN-SAD’s efforts to maintain peace and security in the Sahel-Saharan area should be underpinned by the principles of respect for sovereignty of States, of their territorial integrity and non-interference in their internal affairs, and, correlatively, through the privileged channels of dialogue, mediation, good offices and preventive diplomacy.

“Consolidated by a renovated educational system and oriented towards creativity and the development of human capital, the aforementioned measures are the pledge of the protection of our present and future generations,” insisted the Sovereign.

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