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King Mohammed VI spoke about compulsory military service

On the occasion of the 63rd anniversary of the creation of the Royal Armed Forces (FAR), King Mohammed VI sent Tuesday a statement.

In this message, the Sovereign reminds the officers, non-commissioned officers and troopers that Morocco has decided “to restore military service in order to enable young Moroccan men and women to fulfill their national duty, to inspire values ​​of the military institution and study, benefit, work, produce, be useful and contribute to the rebirth of their country and their society, while being proud of their belonging and their moroccanity and preserving the authenticity and constancy of their Nation”.

King Mohammed VI explains that “on the basis of this observation, we have entrusted the cadres of our Royal Armed Forces with the task of supervising the conscripts in the military service in its new version, according to studied and diversified educational programs encompassing multiple specialties aimed at diversifying the knowledge and refining the skills of young Moroccans in harmony with our constant national values ​​and the principles of the true soldier”.

“We are convinced that our young people will benefit from this membership, which will guarantee them an exemplary military qualification, based on the spirit of responsibility and autonomy and belonging to the motherland, besides the technical and professional expertise in line with their potentialities and their ambitions, which will strengthen their ability to contribute creatively to generate employment opportunities, ” said King Mohammed VI in this message.

What we want for our young people

And to add: “What they will acquire in terms of values ​​of work and discipline and what they will benefit in terms of supervision on the ethical, psychological and moral will contribute to accompany this impetus of progress, of achievements and development that we wish for our young people, whose expected fruits will be harvested by our country through the fact that the successive promotions will acquire professional skills and unprecedented life experiences”.

Recall that a major census operation concerning compulsory military service began in April. It will end on 7 June to receive the first contingent of conscripts in September 2019. Directives have been given, in this sense walis regions and governors, each according to his prerogatives, to ensure the application census in the best conditions. This, as stipulated by the order of the Ministry of the Interior published in the 6764 issue of the Official Bulletin, dated March 28, 2018.

In the same way, a database has been created by the Ministry of the Interior, says a well-informed source. It concerns the census of persons subject to conscription. Database will be fed by information from the Ministry of National Education, Management Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research. But also by information provided by other state administrations, including the Directorate General of National Security (DGSN).

More than 10,000 elements will form the first contingent of young people between the ages of 19 and 24 to perform their military service with the Royal Armed Forces in early September of the current year.

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