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Kuwait prevented Moroccan, Tunisian and Lebanon women from entering its territory

“Kuwait prevents the entry of women from Morocco, Tunisia and Lebanon, under the age of 40 years from entering its territory without a father or brother or a husband,” news of the media in the countries concerned a bit of anger.

According to the media, the Kuwait General Authority for Labor Force has stopped granting work permits to Moroccan and Tunisian women under 40 years, unless there is a father, brother or husband at the request of the two countries.

It added that “the decision is issued in coordination between Kuwait and Morocco and Tunisia in response to their request.” She pointed out that “bringing Moroccan women and women under 40 years of age is allowed only in specific cases, for example, to join the husband or father.”

Kuwaiti diplomacy has moved through its embassies in the countries concerned to respond to the news.

An official at the Kuwaiti Embassy in Rabat denied the news and said that all the information transmitted by many of the media was untrue.

He added that “there is no new procedure” targeting Moroccans and Tunisians. “Anyone who wants to obtain a visa has to check with the consular services.

They ask him for a set of documents. rejection”.

He stressed that “the issue is not related to either Morocco or Tunisia, and this is the law of the State of Kuwait, which is willing to apply for visa, although the request does not meet the conditions refused.

“Tunisia has not received any official decision from the Kuwaiti government in this regard,” Tunisian Foreign Minister Khamis Jahnawi told Tunisian local radio station Shams FM.

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