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Latest figures on the filling of dams in Morocco

Recent precipitation has improved the filling rate of dams, from 46.2% on March 18 to 49.7% currently, or a stored water reserve of 7.75 billion m3, according to data from the Ministry of Equipment, transport, logistics and water.

During the period from March 18 to April 28, Morocco recorded relatively significant rainy episodes, thus favorably impacting the hydrological situation on much of the national territory, the ministry said in a statement on Tuesday.

This precipitation generated significant water inflows estimated at around one billion and 50 million m3 at the level of the great dams of the Kingdom.

For the contributions recorded at the main structuring dams during this same period, the Mohammed V Dam saw its contributions reach 187 million m3, raising its filling rate to 79.3% (reserve of 189.9 million m3) and the Al Wahda Dam 172 million m3 (rate filling at 62.91%, reserve of 2216 million m3).

The Al Massira dam recorded inflows of around 102 million m3 (filling rate at 17.1%, reserve of 453 million m3), the Oued Al-Makhazine dam 98 million m3 (filling rate at 98.44%, reserve 662.35 million m3, and the Bin El-Ouidane dam 71 million m3 (filling rate at 38.08%, reserve of 462.84 million m3).

It is also the Allal Al Fassi dam with supplies of 51 million m3 (filling rate at 90.21%, reserve of 57.50 million m3) and the Al Hansali dam 48 million m3 (filling rate at 28.1%, reserve of 187.72 million m3).

The increase in water reserves stored in dam reservoirs will improve the security of the drinking water supply in the regions concerned, particularly at the approach of the summer season and in a situation where demand for water is experiencing an increase due to hygiene measures to fight the spread of Covid-19, concludes the press release.

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