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Legal time: A bug disturbs Moroccans this Sunday

In the night from Saturday to Sunday, Europe has changed to summer time. The needles have been advanced by one hour in France and other European countries. In Morocco, some smartphones have also changed their time this Sunday morning, while that should not be the case. This has caused the confusion and sometimes the anger of Moroccans on social networks. Even PCs display GMT, despite the decision to maintain daylight saving time all year round in Morocco. If your smartphones show an hour more, then you need to move the hands an hour.

A technical adjustment is at the origin of this mess. Mobile phones and other electronic devices change their time automatically when the option is enabled. They connect to a database called tz database (Time Zone Database). It contains all kinds of information on time zones and change of hours around the world, and is regularly updated by contributors.

Except that since the government’s decision to maintain daylight saving time in Morocco on Friday, October 26, databases still do not seem to have been updated. The change to summer time has been programmed in Morocco for some time.

Recall that the Governing Council, under the chairmanship of the Head of Government, Saad Eddine El Othmani, adopted the draft Decree No. 2.18.855 on legal time stipulating the permanent maintenance of summer time in currently in force.

The draft decree stipulates the addition of 60 minutes to the legal time of the Kingdom fixed by Article 1 of Royal Decree No. 455.67 promulgated on 23 safar 1387 corresponding to June 2, 1967, so as to maintain the time of has been in place to avoid changes made over the course of the year and their impact on many levels. Morocco will still change time for the month of Ramadan next May.

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