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Louis Tomlinson shoots the video for “Walls” in Morocco

Morocco, due to the beauty of its landscapes, often attracts producers and artists of all genres. This time, it was Louis Tomlinson, ex-member of the British boy band, One Direction, who chose to shoot his new clip “Walls” in the Moroccan desert.

Louis Tomlinson, who released his first LP (vinyl album), joined the long list of artists attracted by the cultural diversity, the landscape and even the climate of Morocco.

In his new hit, Walls, the ex-member of One Direction, strolls in the Sahara, while remembering his moments with the boy band, lives the moment and aspires to the best for the future, before ending the evening in a concert in the middle of the Sahara.

The clip has totaled more than 2 million views on YouTube, and offers fans of the singer to see him again in all the splendor of his talent, but also to enjoy the Moroccan landscape.

The album Walls will be released on January 31, and is co-written with the British artist and also former member of the pop/rock group, Oasis, Noël Gallagher. Five of the album’s 8 songs have already been released to the public.

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