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“Maan”: A new political movement in Casablanca

The Moroccan political landscape has been reinforced by a movement called “Maan” (Together), whose birth was recorded Thursday night in Casablanca.

The new political entity is carried by faces unknown to the national scene, including academics, students, activists, doctors, media men, engineers and executives in several sectors. The movement, which is “in the rupture”, wants to be “a force of constructive and rational proposal”, so that the policy “ceases to be this factory of despair”.

Yassine Alia, one of the founding members, said the movement currently has a group of coordinators, who work in a collegial and concerted manner, while remaining open to national potentials and expertise. In the future, the Maan movement plans to set up branches in different regions of the country and to undertake actions of general interest, which can serve as a model.

The idea of ​​creating this movement dates back to March 2017, when young Moroccans with various professional and associative backgrounds organized their first meeting in Casablanca under the theme “Maan, koulchi moumkine” (Together, everything becomes possible). Since then, they have matured their thinking and decided to create a political movement from civil society.

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