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Mandatory wearing of a mask in Morocco

Last April, wearing a mask became compulsory in Morocco as part of preventive measures to stem the risk of the spread of covid-19.

As Eid Al Adha approaches, cases of contamination have increased dramatically and the authorities are preparing to sanction anyone who does not respect the wearing of a mask. Decree of law 2.20.292 enacting specific measures for the state of health emergency stipulates that any offender is liable to a sentence of one month to three months in prison with a fine of MAD 300 to 1300 or one of the two penalties, without prejudice to the heavier penalty. The same sanctions are provided for all those who violate the decisions of the public authorities by resorting to violence, threats, fraud or coercion.

The decree-law provides for the same penalty for any person who incites others to obstruct or contravene the decisions of the authorities by means of speeches, shouts or threats or even any means using an electronic medium for this purpose.

This decree-law intervenes within the framework of the urgent preventive measures taken by the public authorities, in accordance with article 21 of the Constitution, in order to ensure the safety of the populations and the national territory, in the respect of the freedoms and the fundamental rights. guaranteed to all.

Recall that 302 new cases of coronavirus infection and 236 recoveries have been recorded in Morocco in the past 24 hours, the Ministry of Health announced Thursday. This new report brings to 18264 the number of contaminations in the Kingdom since the first case reported on March 2 and to 15872 the number of people fully recovered, a cure rate of 86.9%, said the coordinator of the National Center for public health emergency operations at the Ministry of Health, Mouad Mrabet.

The death toll rose to 292, with seven new deaths recorded in the last 24 hours in Tangier (5 cases) and Casablanca (2 cases), a case fatality rate of 1.6%, he added, noting that the cumulative incidence rate is around 50.3 per 100000 inhabitants, while the prevalence rate of active cases is 5.8 per 100000 inhabitants.

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