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Marrakech airport ready for resumption

After being inactive for more than three months due to the declaration of a state of health emergency and the preventive measures decreed by the Kingdom to stop the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, Marrakech-Menara International Airport is ready for the resumption of air traffic and the reception of passengers, in scrupulous respect of the procedures set up by the National Office of Airports (ONDA).

Indeed, the various teams of the airport infrastructure of the ocher city have, like other airports in the Kingdom, worked hard over the past few weeks to carefully monitor the deployment of this device and these measures and instructions provided for in the recovery plan for activities at Moroccan airports, established by ONDA to guarantee a very secure and reassuring welcome for all travelers and users.

A big effort has been made by the authorities of Marrakech-Menara Airport to ensure the conformity of its various services and dependencies on health guidelines and the adaptation of operating procedures to the constraints inherent in the management of the pandemic situation, in particular the strict measures to maintain physical distance in all passenger reception and arrival areas.

From intense disinfection and sterilization affecting all of the outbuildings to the installation of signage guaranteeing physical distance, including tracing circuits and installing the latest thermal cameras, everything is ready for the resumption of air activity, the ultimate objective being to guarantee a comfortable travel experience for users and to rehabilitate confidence in air transport.

In a statement on this occasion, the head of the airport operations division at Marrakech-Menara International Airport, Zakaria Harti, said that this important structure is ready to resume activity after the necessary device to ensure the safety of users has been deployed in every detail.

Noting that ONDA has set up a plan to resume activity at Kingdom airports, with the aim of ensuring a safe reception for travelers, the official explained that, like other airport infrastructures, a battery of measures have been taken at the Ocher City Airport to guarantee health security for passengers, employees and users alike.

These provisions, he continued, are part of the support of the proactive and preventive measures recommended by the Kingdom in order to stem the spread of Covid-19, and intervene in accordance with the recommendations of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the Airports Council International (ACI).

And to chain that this device concerns the different stages, going from the access of the passenger to the airport until his boarding, adding that these measures also affect all the stages of arrival.

Thus, Plexiglas was put in place at fixed locations, in particular at the check-in and information counters as well as boarding rooms, he said, stressing that measures of social distancing is applied in all waiting areas, through the marking on the ground and the condemnation of two seats on the bench and seat spacing, in addition to the installation of disinfectant gel dispensers in the various points and spaces.

On the other hand, new thermal cameras were installed to take the temperature of passengers in the Arrivals area, allowing proactive monitoring of possible suspected cases, noted Harti.

Regarding the awareness and information component, signs relating to the various health instructions to be followed have been put in place, he said, noting that messages will also be broadcast on compliance with the instructions for social distancing and barrier gestures by means of sound announcements and display screens, in order to remind passengers of the necessary precautions to take throughout their presence at the airport.

Note that ONDA has set up a plan to resume activity at Morocco’s airports to guarantee a secure and reassuring welcome for passengers.

Thus, the passenger experience now incorporates a new dimension, that of ensuring a healthy and reassuring welcome and a “healthy” journey at airports, through a system that readjust airport management processes and procedures.

The system deployed by the Office relates, among other things, to airport operations and flow management, awareness and information, cleaning and disinfection operations and epidemic alert measures.

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