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Marrakech destination attracts more and more people

Passenger traffic at the Marrakech-Menara International Airport recorded a double-digit growth rate in March compared with the same month last year.

According to the latest statistics published by the National Office of Airports (ONDA), the air traffic at the airport of the city ocher has achieved an increase of 19.86% last March compared to the same period of the year 2018.

Thus, Marrakech-Menara airport welcomed a total of 578,747 passengers against 482,838 passengers in March 2018.

With this performance, this airport infrastructure accounted for 28.12% of global commercial air traffic in March, occupying the second place behind Mohammed V International Airport in Casablanca (38.69%).

During the first quarter of the current year, the airport of the Ocher City also saw its share of commercial air traffic grow to 27.08% after hosting a total of 1,519,293 passengers against 1,261,744 passengers during the same period of the year 2018, an evolution of 20.41%.

Regarding aircraft movements during the month of March, the share of Marrakech-Menara airport was 23.17% of the 16,792 aircraft movements registered at the national level, behind the international airport Mohammed V from Casablanca (42.01%).

Regarding the first five routes at the national level last March, the line Marrakech-Paris Orly took the 2nd place with 53,657 passengers, behind the line Mohammed V-Paris Orly with 57,505 passengers, while the line Marrakech-London Gatwick was fourth with 39,436 passengers, the National Airport Authority said.

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