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Marrakech/Hotels: MAD 130 million for the Ronsard Palace

12 million euros for a duration of works of 4 years. This is the amount of investment that had to be made to get out of the Ronsard Hotel, more known by Adriana’s Palace. Initially, the idea was a family home for the former model installed for several years in Marrakech. And then germinated the idea of ​​making it a hotel completed after 4 years of construction and decoration work.

Behind the investment, the husband of ex-supermodel Arame Ohanian, and his longtime partner in Jad Mahal of Marrakech, Alain Legout. For this hotelier, owner of 15 hotels in France, Marrakech needed another type of accommodation, far from the classic offer of which the city abounds. Thus at Ronsard, located at the palm on 3 hectares, the concept is unique, halfway between a colonial house and a luxury guest house with a capacity of 22 rooms and 6 pavilions.

Here, everything has been conceived around the gardens with 3,000 feet of roses by Pierre de Ronsard. The interior was designed by the interior designer Gil Dez, as the rest of the infrastructure including the SPA. The decoration is inspired by Baroque, Neo-Moorish and Art Deco styles, not forgetting the Moroccan touch.

Since its opening, the hotel has managed to rely on Relais & Chateaux. This coveted label is part of a gotha ​​of these voluntary networks uniting independent institutions with strong personality. Here, the rooms are not given.

Rates vary depending on the season between 400 and 1200 euros for one night in one of the 22 rooms with unique decoration. No room looks like the other. Three months after its opening in soft-opening, the establishment already realizes a correct occupancy rate.

For Alain Legout, the goal is an average occupancy rate of almost 50% per year. It is also about catering that the establishment put with three outlets and a capacity of 140 seats. The experience of the owners at Jad Mahal allows them to position themselves well in this niche.

To do this, they appealed to Xavier Mathieu, a starred chef. This is the first hotel that offers a star in Marrakech. The second that is highly anticipated is that of Cristiano Ronaldo in another style in the heart of Avenue MVI: A Pestana CR7 (the acronym representing the jersey of the player) of 168 rooms for an investment of 40 million euros.

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