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Marrakech: Royal message to the IsDB meeting

King Mohammed VI sent a message to the participants at the 44th Annual Meeting of the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) Group in Marrakech (5-6 April 2019).

Here is the full text of the Royal Message read by Mr. Omar Kabbaj, Councilor of HM the King: “Praise to God ,.

“Peace and salvation on the Prophet, His Family and His Companions.

Mister President,


Ladies and gentlemen,

We are pleased to send you this Message at the opening of the Annual Meeting 2019 of the Islamic Development Bank Group. We wanted to confer Our High Patronage on this important event, in recognition of the prominent role played by the IsDB Group in promoting economic and social development in Islamic countries.

First of all, we would like to welcome our hosts, their Excellencies, the leaders and members of the delegations taking part in this important meeting.

Your present meeting, which Morocco – your second country – is honored to host for the second time, demonstrates the Kingdom’s commitment to continue to work for the promotion of cooperation between the States of the Muslim world and to contribute effectively to achieving cohesion and solidarity between them.

This meeting is an opportunity to review the balance sheet of financing activities and to approve the IsDB Group’s financial results for the past year. It should also make it possible to evaluate the gains made by the institutions belonging to the Group in support of the economic and social development of the member countries, to explore the prospects for their future actions and to seek the most efficient means. to strengthen the cooperation ties between Islamic countries.

Here, we salute the Islamic Development Bank Group for its commendable efforts, as evidenced by the breadth and quality of the funded development programs and projects. as well as the initiatives implemented.

In this regard, We would like to commend the initiative of the Islamic Development Bank to create the Science, Technology and Innovation Fund, which aims to support outstanding research projects carried by Member States and communities. muslims around the world. We also pay tribute to him, for having contributed, with other partners, to the creation of “Lives and Livelihoods Fund” for the financing of programs aimed at improving the living conditions of the populations, to promote the development, and to support the micro-projects in remote areas of the Member States.


Ladies and gentlemen,

In the light of recent major geopolitical developments, forecasts of a slowdown in global economic growth and the exacerbation of trade tensions; Moreover, in a context marked by the prevalence of protectionist policies, the instability of world commodity prices, and the increasing external and financial pressures on emerging markets, most of the member countries of the IsDB faces real economic and social challenges. This requires boosting the pace of inclusive and sustainable growth, particularly through the development of youth skills and job creation.

Our respective countries have achieved positive results, thanks to structural reforms in the financial and economic fields. Nevertheless, a long way remains to be done to upgrade our economies, achieve the goals of sustainable development and achieve social and spatial justice.

Therefore, is it ever more necessary than ever to expand and expand the role of the IsDB Group and improve its performance and programs, so that it can better meet the demands of our countries and the expectations of our peoples.

To this end, it is incumbent upon it to intensify its efforts and make full use of its potential to enable Member States to keep pace with the demands of perfecting their development models, diversifying their economies and stimulating the sector. private sector, considered as a lever of growth and a generator of wealth.

In this regard, the IsDB Group should put high priority on human capital development, support for small and medium-sized enterprises and job creation for young people. It should also make use of the potential available to create and extend access to social protection networks, promote the status of women, reduce poverty, precariousness and spatial disparities.

Likewise, we aspire to have the IsDB Group play a pioneering role in supporting the efforts of Islamic countries to address climate change through strengthening environmental security, and ensuring the optimal use of natural resources. It is also important to contribute to the implementation of the global commitment to ensure access to concessional financing, to enable these countries to achieve the agreed objectives in this area.

We also call for particular attention to the financing of infrastructure upgrading projects, the promotion of development projects that promote economic complementarity between Islamic countries, especially in Africa, in the various fields, such as energy projects. and infrastructure, with the aim of strengthening electricity connection networks and land and maritime links, as well as agricultural projects aimed at ensuring food security.

In this context, we consider the pipeline project between Nigeria and Morocco as a model of South-South cooperation, structuring and integration projects, eligible for financing by the IsDB Group, since most of the African countries concerned are full members of the Group.


Ladies and gentlemen,

The IsDB Group has played a leading role in financing investment projects. Today, it is called upon to further stimulate the flow of investment between member states and to provide technical assistance to develop participatory investment opportunities among them. Likewise, it is responsible for financing and endorsing private sector projects and carrying out development projects under a public-private partnership.

Moreover, it is more than ever necessary to affirm the Islamic Development Bank’s vocation as a knowledge institution, which is to encourage the Member States to adopt innovative solutions, allowing them to better adapt to the changes in the global economy.

To do so, these countries must rely more and more on their own capabilities, make the most of their assets and, in particular, the advantages conferred on them by their central geopolitical position in Asia, Africa and the Euro-Mediterranean periphery.

We note with satisfaction the leading role of the IsDB Group in supporting cooperation and solidarity between Islamic countries in general and African countries in particular. In fact, supporting the development efforts of these countries and strengthening integration between them is likely to strengthen the links of cooperation and complementarity between them and other Islamic countries, thus offering a true model of cooperation South-South.

Intimately convinced that the growth and economic growth of our country can not be conceived independently of our brothers in the African continent, Morocco, in partnership with the IsDB Group and in the context of tripartite cooperation, intends to strengthen development potential in African countries. To this end, he strives to continue to put at their disposal, his human skills and the know-how that is his, in the various fields.


Ladies and gentlemen,

The scale of the challenges posed calls for our collective action to consolidate solidarity among Islamic countries and to ensure the transition to an economic model conducive to development at all levels. Moreover, in the best of our respective interests, we must stimulate a vigorous dynamic in the economic relations between Member States, so that economic progress and social well-being can ultimately be realized in favor of our peoples.

In this regard, we express our sincere thanks to the IsDB Group for its support to the economic and social development march in the Kingdom of Morocco, through the contribution to the financing of development and investment projects.

Appreciating the initiatives that the Member States and the IsDB Group are constantly undertaking, through the Al-Aqsa and Al-Quds funds, We reaffirm Our unwavering support for Al-Quds and Our Solidarity to the world. respect of our Palestinian brothers.


Ladies and gentlemen,

We are confident that the work of your meeting will, thank God, lead to practical decisions, relevant recommendations and concrete initiatives that will have a real impact in terms of financing economic growth in Muslim countries and their social growth. Just as they will strengthen the bonds of solidarity and cohesion between these countries, so as to meet the aspirations of their peoples.

By reiterating our welcome to your second country, Morocco, We implore the Most High to crown your work with success.

Wassalamou alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatouh”.

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