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Marrakesh, 2nd Most Visited African City

Marrakesh is the second most popular African city, according to a Mastercard study. The tourist city welcomed 3.93 Million international visitors in 2017, ranking 2nd place on the continent after Johannesburg (4.05 Million visitors), according to the Mastercard Global Destinations Index.

International visitors exceeded $ 1.65 Billion in the ocher city against $ 2.14 Billion in Johannesburg in 2017, said Mastercard. Polokwane, Cape Town and Djerba complete the African Top 5.

The Mastercard Global Destination Cities Index ranks the top 162 destination cities in the world in terms of visitor volume and spending for the 2017 calendar year. It also gives an overview of the fastest growing cities and allows for better understand why people travel and how they spend in the world. This year, 23 major African cities are included in the ranking, including Casablanca, Tunis, Accra, Cairo, Dakar and Lagos.

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