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Marrakesh: A gay wedding celebrated in a Resort

The Marrakesh police made a descent Saturday, February 16 in a famous Resort that housed a gay wedding. Famous businessmen from Khalij and many Moroccan homosexuals took part.

According to sources, the choice of organizers fell on this place as it is located several kilometers from the ocher city, far from the authorities. And to add that a famous popular singer was to animate the wedding ceremony of these two Moroccan homosexuals, aged 24 and 26 years.

The organizers of the evening also kept the event secret, forcing employees to turn off their phones not to take pictures. They also put several security guards at the entrance to allow access only to guests.

The police arrested eight homosexuals while most of the guests managed to escape by hiding in the nearby forest or hitchhiking. Others, from the Gulf countries, have escaped, in their cars, 4 × 4 for the most part.

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