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Marrakesh International Film Festival honors Moroccan Filmmaker Jilali Farhati

The Marrakesh International Film Festival honored Moroccan director Jilali Farhati on Wednesday evening with the Golden Star of the festival, presented to him by his Moroccan critic Hammadi Kroum.

Jilali Farhati, who has a thirty-year-old cinematic experience, tears his eyes and his face with awe of the crowd’s cheering and applause with his applause and respect for him after he entered the Hall of Ministers in the Palais des Congrès in Marrakesh.

In his speech after receiving the Golden Star of the International Film Festival in Marrakesh, Farhati thanked the audience for the love he had with him and for “everything”. He also thanked King Mohammed VI for his unlimited support of Moroccan cinema, Prince Rachid for his passion for cinema and the International Film Festival in Marrakesh, “which is considered.”

“The seventh art will remain one of the best lies to tell the truth”, Farhati said at an evening dedicated to “a special evening filled with recognition and appreciation.”

“This honorary moment is a moment of acknowledgment of the creative Jilali Farhati who created Moroccan puppets, braids and horses in the festival which is organized in the city of joy and happiness”, Hamadi Kroum said.

“Farhati’s films can not be seen without her own poetic sensibility, which creates meanings, incites meditation, reflection, and love”, Krom said in his speech at the Morocco film director’s film festival.

He added that Farhati reflects “the Moroccan genius”, calling on the public to leave him to dream. “He added that Farhati is a descendent of the great rulers and the African cinema icon that will be born in time, fall asleep and invent.

In honor of the Moroccan director Jilali Farhati, the international film festival in Marrakesh ends its four honorary appointments, the first of which was honoring Robert De Niro, the American actor, the second being the honoring of French director Agnes Varda, and the third, the honor of Robin Wright, the American actress.

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