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Marrakesh/Tourism: Digital becomes the norm for tour operators

Capturing the interest of new travelers in the digital age requires an innovative approach integrating the new digital habits of consumers. E-tourism, it is never affected by the crisis, but in addition is gaining ground. And for good reason: vacationers organize their trips themselves online and rely more on recommendations published in social networks, in comparison sites …

For example, the platform of TripAdvisor, which receives more than 400,000 visits per month, allows everyone to give their opinion on a leisure activity, a restaurant, a hotel … And today, actors are aware of this force. In Morocco and Marrakesh especially, it is with these new trends that professionals must deal.

In a few years, we have moved from an organized market with TOs and travel agencies to a market where the customer can prepare their trip in a few clicks. Fighting against sites like Booking or others is illusory. The future of the business can not be achieved without a migration to digital.

“Any actor who does not go to the digital transformation is condemned to be ejected,” insists the president of the Regional Association of Travel Agencies Marrakesh/Safi (ARAVMS). This was also the first recommendation of the Marrakesh Day Digital, recently organized in the ocher city, on the initiative of Aravms under the auspices of the National Confederation of Tourism and in partnership with the National Federation of the hotel industry.

Whether for tourism or for other economic sectors or even the public service, digital transformation has become an irreversible process. Morocco is aware of the potentialities it offers.

In Morocco, changes in consumer habits seem to support this trend. Except that for now, the greatest use of technological tools is focused on entertainment, says the president of the Digital Morocco Foundation. It is necessary to integrate this digital world while proposing a clever professionalism as well on the level of the offer as on the level of the service, he estimates.

And before thinking about budgets, we must also think about the cost of non-transformation. A company that does not integrate the digital transformation is weakening. It is disconnected from its ecosystem and, eventually, could face serious difficulties in its markets.

It must be said that the technologies that mark the changes are increasingly democratized. Developments in the sophistication of the contributions of these technologies are also accompanied by continuing decreases in costs. As a result, the price of acquiring technologies is not a brake in itself.

For a consultant and trainer in digital communication, without going to large budgets, we can start with just a few good practices: have a well referenced site, choose the right channels, have content and publish videos … It’s also a real opportunity to reach a wider audience and increase turnover.

This digital transformation, that some tourist actors of Marrakesh have already started, requires investments both in terms of tools and human resources. Useful investments and quickly profitable since they are turned to the acquisition of customers.

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